DigiCare4CE – Virtual reality for seniors

We handed out virtual reality glasses at the Via social service home and facility for the elderly Lux in Košice.

Virtual reality devices will help seniors improve their health and cognitive skills. Part of the handover was the training of Via Lux employees, on which partners from Deutsche Telekom and UPJŠ collaborated. Using technology, seniors can improve their memory or the ability to concentrate on a specific task for an extended period of time.

Partners to employees of Via Lux they helped to solve the obstacles that arose when trying out virtual reality for the first time. Training Via Lux employees were interested in acquiring new skills that enabled them to improve their quality provision of services. They also enthusiastically tried the games created especially for clients in the facility for seniors.

There was a discussion between employees and partners and ways to do it right were being sought handle the device and choose the appropriate type of game according to the client’s current needs.