DigiCare4CE – Peer Visit Košice

We have come up with an innovative way to improve the mental and physical health of seniors through the use of virtual reality.

We organized a meeting within the DigiCare4CE project, where we presented our experience with the use of virtual reality in the social services home and the Via Lux facility for the elderly to our project partners from Poland.

We showed them more closely the tasks that the staff in the facilities can use in sessions with their clients to improve motor skills or memory. Via Lux employees also participated in the session and shared their experiences on how virtual reality helps them in improving the cognitive skills of seniors.

We are constantly looking for ways to bring new improvements that we are happy to inform other partners about. The meeting was very useful and all participants gained new insights and inspiration for further work within the DigiCare4CE project. We are proud to be part of this innovative project and look forward to taking the next steps to improve care with digital solutions.