Opening the terrace for our Centre for Active Ageing

With the start of construction on March 4, 2024, the process of building modifications and the construction of the terrace of the Center for Active Aging on the unused space near the building on Bačíková Street No. 7, in which the Center for Active Aging operates, was launched. On June 6, it will celebrate 2 years of active operation. The center presents an innovative approach aimed primarily at improving the quality of life of seniors by supporting their health, physical activity and socialization. There are currently over 400 active seniors in the database, almost half
of them attends activities at the center regularly.

Seniors spend their free time on educational activities during language courses, engage in physical activities such as strengthening, yoga and dancing, and as part of art therapy, they devote themselves to mastering craft techniques and handicrafts under the guidance of senior lecturers. The healthy food activity shapes their eating habits appropriate to their age, needs and state of health. Socialization and establishing new contacts is also important, for what
trips, quizzes, lectures and discussions help. During them, they get to know the natural, historical and cultural beauties of the region, but also the personalities and people who live among us. Professional lectures bring them valuable information in the field of health and healthy lifestyle, IT technologies, safety, but also benefits offered by health insurance companies. From June 2024, the space of the terrace will be used for recreational and gardening activities in the cultivation of ornamental and useful plants, but it also creates space for cultural events of various nature.

The terrace was built thanks to a subsidy from the Košice self-governing region in the amount of 60 thousand Euros.